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MoversZone Guarantee protects you when you hire a MoversZone Guaranteed Move Services.
  • MoversZone covers claims up to the cost of the initial service.
  • Claims must be submitted within 24 Hours of the initial service completion date.
  • You must provide a receipt that clearly shows the amount paid.
  • Your service must be booked through MoversZone.
  • How it works
Contact the Move Manager. First, contact the MoversZone assigned Move Manager to work through any concerns with the service quality.
  • Give us a call
If you’re unable to resolve your concerns directly with MoversZone assigned Move Manager, contact us to submit your MoversZone Guarantee claim. The team at MoversZone will investigate and get back to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will do the moving service?

We will arrange one of our certified/affiliated service partners to perform the moving service. All of our service partners are licensed, trained and reviewed by our customers.

Does your team pack and unpack my loose items?

Yes! We pack and unpack all the loose items in both Standard Package and Premium Package.

I will pack all my loose items by myself, but I need help with the furniture and big items, what package should I go for?

If you just need help with the big items such as furniture etc, then Our Budget package is good fit for you.

Would you reassemble my furniture?

Yes! Offcoures!! We reassemble all your furniture we have moved. 

Do you fix my curtains, wall-mounted TV, and wall hangings like paintings and mirrors?

Yes! We do!! It's included in the Premium Package - you dont need to pay for an extra handyman.

What kind of trucks will be used for moving?

We offer open body truks in our Budget move package and closed body truks when you book Standard of Premium move package.

How long does it take to finish my move?

Studio - 6-8 Hours

1 Bedroom - 8-10 Hours

2 Bedroom - 10-12 Hours

3 Bedroom - 2 Days

4 Bedroom - 2 Days

5 Bedroom- 3 Days

How many guys will be there for the move?

Below are the minimum staff deployments to a home moving job.

 Apartment Size

Budget Move Package

Standard or Premium


2 Helpers + 1 Installer

2 Helpers + 1 Installer

1 Bedroom

2 Helpers + 1 Installer

3 Helpers + 1 Installer

2 Bedroom

5 Helpers + 1 Installer

7 Helpers + 1 Installer

3 Bedroom

6 Helpers + 2 Installers

7 Helpers + 2 Installers

4 Bedroom

8 Helpers + 2 Installers

10 Helpers + 2 Installers

5 Bedroom

10 Helpers +2 Installers

13 Helpers +2 Installers

I want to pack my loose items, but can you provide the boxes?

Yes, we can deliver up to 5 medium boxes to our standard and premium users in advance of the move day. Additional boxes can be purchased based on below rates and delivery charges of AED 45:

Medium Boxes   – 45x45x45 cms  – AED 6 per box

Large Boxes   – 45x45x70 cms  – AED 8 per box

No delivery charges will be imposed for standard and premium jobs if additional boxes delivered along with scheduled box delivery.

I am moving within the same building, do I need trucks?

Often when clients are moving within the same building, they do not need trucks but sometimes longer dragging distances make use of trucks necessary. Customer Care can confirm this for you.

Do you have a valid trade license?

Yes! We can share it with you upon request. You might need it for your permit application.

What is the role of a Team Leader?

Team leader manages and coordinates with the helpers and installers and he can also be one of the expercienced installers and helpers or the driver as well.

Have your guys undergone any training?

Yes, they have undergone intensive manual handling and safety training. We also make sure they are well-documented and have the right paper work required as per local regulations.

What are the Communications skills of your crew?

The budget and standard home moving crew work well with each other and have completed multiple jobs together so have good team skills. The communications skills with the customer are basic and they can take basic instructions. For any specific requests or out of scope work, please reach out to MoversZone Customer Care. Premium jobs come with a dedicated Team Leader and can discuss any specific customer needs.

Do you guys provide move insurance?

Yes - if you book for Premium Package, which is insurable. You can get in touch with our Customer Care team for more details.

What if my things get damaged?

The moving teams are extremely cautious with your items and home contents. Howevever, at a rare occasion when something is damaged, we coordinate with the teams for rectification or replacement as reasonable.

What time do you start packing?

You can book for 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM. If you are moving a Studio Unit, you can also book for 2:00 PM.

Are your trucks insured?

Yes for sure. All the truks used for your move are insured.

Can you start the move in the afternoon?

We can try! Help us and always check in advance with your building/community security if they allow move-ins for later in the day. Most communities do not allow late move-ins and have time restrictions on use of installation or wall drilling tools that can be noisy and inconvenient to your neighbours. 

What type of packaging materials do you use?

We use blankets, stretch film, corrugated sheets, edge protectors, bubble wraps for your fragile items, tapes, and TruKKer-branded boxes.

Do your guys wear uniform?

Yes! You’ll see them wearing the MoversZone Blue color t-shirts with MoversZone logo.

Do you connect my washing machine and my fridge?

Yes we do connect your washing machine and fridge.

My couch won’t fit in the lift, would there be additional charges?

If you are moving 2 floors up or 2 floors down, then our guys would be more than happy to carry it for you! Any additional floors for manual move will require additional labor allowance and charges that can be confirmed by Customer Care.

My building doesn’t have a lift, does the price change?

Yes, we would need more muscle for the move so there will be additional labor charges to support manual movement of your home contents. Rates can be confirmed by Customer Care based on the quantum of your home contents.

I have kids, Is it okay to have my kids around during the move?

A word of caution: big items will be carried around.

How do you provide the instant quotes?

We have system-generated quotes that calculates the moving distance, estimated number of trucks, helpers, and installers. 

Does the quotation change if I’m moving to another city?

Good question! It will - if the distance is more than 40 kms. 

Don’t you have to do a survey?

We know you’re very busy! So we’ve created an online CBM calculator with the list of home contents - and you just have to click and submit at your convenience. You can also send us photos! Following your order confirmation, a link to the survey is provided at the confirmation page and also resent along with the confirmation email.

I have a big house, I strongly request you do survey, can you do it?

Yes! We’ll be more than happy to do that! We want you to be confident with the quotation offer you. :)

I am moving less stuff, will the quotation change?

It can! Send us the pictures or video of the items to be moved.

I work for Company ABC, do I get special discounts?

We are signed up with a bunch of corporate clients across the country! Your organization might be one of them, you can check with our Customer Care team.

Can I pay online?

Yes! We want to offer as much convenience as possible!

Can I pay with cash?

Yes! You can pay cash.

Can I reschedule?

Yes! Let us know at least 48 hours before your scheduled booking. If you reschedule on the move day itself, the cancellation charges would comprise Base Quote + AED300.

Are there cancellation charges?

If you let us know at least 48 hours before your scheduled booking , then there would be no cancellation charges. If you cancel on the move day itself, we can’t give refunds unfortunately as the teams are deployed and face significant idle and opportunity costs.

​About MoversZone.Com

MoversZone brings customers and move service providers together to redesign the relocation experience and set new standards in the move market. 

We know that moving is a challenge and we have made our mission to master this challenge together with our customers and partners and to create a better moving experience for both sides. 

We have set ourselves the task of reforming the confusing and conventional moving market through digital processes, advanced technology and comprehensive customer service for both business partners and customers significantly and to set the  standards in quality, price and service delivery. 

As a complete platform for removals and relocation-related services, we make the relocation worry-free and promote the growth of our medium-sized partner network. Through convenient and easy booking, fair pricing, customization options and a focus on quality service, we offer an improved relocation experience to our customers and partners.

Our Core Values

Quality is a Guarantee

For better moving experience we constantly improve the quality of our customer support and service delivery team. Our regular process improvement approach helps us to offer the guaranteed quality. 

Trust is a Security  

Valued customers, strong partnerships and shared growth are based on mutual trust, which is determined by our responsibility, our actions and our sense of duty.

Innovation is a Solution

In order to solve the problems of the moving industry and to make moving easier, more convenient and cheaper for customers and moving companies, we find new and modern solutions.

Fair Price is a Promise

Reduced costs and affordable relocation rates can be made possible by streamlining existing workflows, renewing obsolete structures, and creating new conditions.


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